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Help our rescue cats in Birmingham find a forever home

Cats Available for Adoption

Meet Our Rescue Cats Looking for Forever Homes. Call us and you could adopt a new furry feline friend into your family

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Milo is grey and white, 8-9 months old, neutered and microchipped. He is looking for his forever home, he is a bit nervous but once he gets to know you he is fine. If you can offer him a home, please give Pauline a call on 07960 409310.

Posted 1 week ago
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Eric is white and black, 5 years old and has been neutered and chipped. He is very loving but hates other cats so will need to be the only pet in his new home. If you can offer him a home, please call Pauline on 07960 409310.

Posted 1 week ago
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Bear is back at the rescue because his new home didn't work out as he didn't like the other cat living at his new home. Bear came into the rescue after being found abandoned. He is about 2 years old and has now been neutered. He has a very sweet nature and he wants his new home to be pet and children free. If you can offer him a new home, please call Pauline on 07960 409310.

Posted 2 weeks ago
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Bonnie and Dior

Bonnie and Dior are back at the rescue after only a few weeks because their new owner has taken a job abroad and it was not possible for them to go with them. Bonnie is black and White and Dior is Torti, they are between 14-16 weeks old, and they became friends at the rescue, so they want to stay together. If you can offer them a new home, please call Pauline on 07960 409310.

Posted 1 month ago
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Violet (REHOMED)

Violet is a white and grey 6 month old kitten, she came into the rescue as an unwanted pet. She is a quiet kitten but is very affectionate. She will need to be homed with another kitten from the rescue or go to a home where there is already a kitten or cat living there. She needs to have a special diet as normal cat food does not suit her stomach, she will need a diet of tuna in brine not oil, boiled white fish, chicken breast and One Purina Bifensis cat biscuits. If you can offer Violet a new forever home please contact Pauline on 07960 409310.

Posted 1 month ago
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Georgina and Grace (REHOMED)

Georgina and Grace are sisters and their mother is Gaye, they are about 14 weeks old, both torti and are a bit timid but will settle once they get into a home environment. They are looking for a home together and will need to be indoor cats. If you can offer them a home, please contact Pauline on 07960 409310.

Posted 3 months ago
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Marilyn is black and white and was named after Marilyn Monroe because they both have a beauty spot. She is about 15 months old now and was born at the rescue so has never had a home. If you can offer them a home together please contact Pauline on 07960 409310.

Posted 6 months ago
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Dexter is MISSING

Dexter was rehomed but got out after being in his new home for a few days in Old Chappel Road, Smethwick, he is a very friendly cat, he is 6 years old, has no teeth and is microchipped. There has been a possible siting of him at a school in Smethwick so we think that he may still be in the area, if you see him, please contact Pauline at Freddie's Felines, if you could get a photo that would be great. Thank you.

Posted 11 months ago
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Kiria is nearly 18 months old, and was born at the rescue so has never had a home. She is a sweet and affectionate girl but always gets overlooked. Kiria gets on well with all the other cats at the rescue so she wouldn't mind if there was already a cat or cats living at her new home. She is quite nervous so wouldn't be able to cope with noisy children. If you think that she would fit into your home, please call Pauline on 07960 409310

Posted 1 year ago
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Sooty is a local stray who is an unwanted pet. She is currently living on a doorstep in Quinton which as you can imagine cannot be very nice in this weather. She is very friendly and would make a great pet but does not get on with other cats so ideally an only pet.

Posted 1 year ago
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Josie and Jasmine

Josie and Jasmine are sisters and need to be homed together, they are nearly two years old and have been at the rescue for sometime but they keep getting overlooked. They need to be indoor cats as they are both nervous and wary of people but once they get to know you they are both very loving. Their new owner will need to have a bit of experience in owning a cat and have patience in gaining their trust whilst they settle into a new home. They would suit a retired person or someone who works from home. If you are that someone and can offer them a home, please call Pauline on 07960 409310 to find out more.

Posted 1 year ago

How you can help

At Freddie’s Felines, every helping hand makes a difference in the lives of our rescue cats.

There are numerous ways you can contribute to our mission of providing a safe and loving environment for cats in need. Whether you choose to adopt, donate, volunteer, or even spread the word about our work, your support is invaluable.

Below, you’ll find more detailed information on how you can get involved. Remember, every act of kindness, no matter how small, can lead to a big change in a cat’s life.

  • There are always a lot of mouths to feed here and any donation, even just a can of food per week, could make a huge difference and help us keep bellies full.

    Our cats are not fussy eaters so any make and variety, wet or dry they will eat.  They also like tinned tuna, sardines, mackerel and pilchards as a treat.  Fresh chickens are also on the menu and these are cooked every day for them.

    Does your cat not eat all the flavours in that box of food you buy? If this happens to you, please donate the unwanted flavours to Freddie’s Felines who have many mouths to feed and who are not fussy eaters. Any food can be dropped off at 30 Quinton Road West, Quinton, Birmingham B32 2QD.


  • If you would like to make a donation to Freddie’s Felines our bank details are:

    Account Name – Freddies Felines

    Account Number – 66421594

    Sort Code – 60-15-26

    or you can donate to our Paypal account:

    Thank you in advance, however small or large the donation it will help the rescue enormously.

  • We are selling pocket hugs to help raise much needed funds to help with vet bills and to buy food for the cats and kittens living at the rescue.

    They are £1 each and you can purchase through our Shpock page:


  • Freddie’s Felines are looking for volunteers, so if you have two hours to spare one morning a week, why don’t you become one of our volunteers? We are looking for volunteers to join our small team of volunteers who help us at the rescue some do one morning a week, others do a couple of mornings, but some do more. You would need to clean the pens out, feed and water the cats and give the cats lots of love and fuss. If you think that you would like to become a volunteer, please call Pauline on 07960 409310 to find out more.


    We are also looking for volunteers to help out at events such as craft fayres, table top sales, car boots etc that we attend locally to help raise funds for the rescue.  This would be at weekends from a couple of hours or it could be a full day, maybe once or twice a month.  Own car would be needed as it will include travelling to the event, transporting the items to sell, setting up and selling.  If you think you could help with this please call Anita on 07807 236424.


  • Freddie’s Felines are asking for donations for their Bottle Tombola that will be held at some of their events. You can donate anything that is in a bottle, beer, wine, shampoo, shower gel, cooking oil etc. Donations can be dropped off at 30 Quinton Road West, Quinton, Birmingham B32 2QD. Thank you in advance for anything that you can give.

  • We  have an Amazon Wish List:

    Freddie’s Felines has built  their own much cheaper Wish List to help the cats at the rescue to live a comfortable life while they wait for their forever home.  We at Freddie’s Felines know how hard it is to survive at this current time but if you could please add just one item a week into your trolley and collect them in a bag or box ready for donation to Freddie’s it will be a big help in their survival

    Any donations can be dropped at 30 Quinton Road West, Quinton, Birmingham B32 2QD or will collect locally if you are unable to deliver, just call 07960 409310 to arrange a date and time

    • Tiger Cat Food from Asda (own brand), any variety, tin, tray or sachet, they will eat it all
    • Classic Cat Can, meat 6 x 400g is £4.30 at Sainsbury’s, also sold at Pets at Home, Iceland, Home Bargains and on line shops
    • Vitacat Cat Food from Aldi (own brand), any variety in a tin, tray or sachet
    • Coshida Cat Food from Lidl (own brand), any variety in a tin, tray or sachet
    • Cat Biscuits any variety, brands eg One Purina, Smilla, Whiskas, Burgess, IAMS
    • Pawsome Pockets (Aldi), Snack Pockets (Sainsburys) cat treats or any other Supermarket own brand are an alternative to Dreamies and are much cheaper
    • Puppy Training Pads any brand, can be brought from shops like Home Bargains, Sainsbury, Asda, Pets at Home  or can be purchased on line
    • Cat Litter, any brand, the rescue uses cat litter for their resident disabled cats
    • Tinned fish, sardines or pilchards in tomato sauce, tuna, mackerel, any supermarket value brand
    • Cat Milk, any brand
    • Washing Up Liquid, any brand
    • Washing Powder, any brand
    • Disinfectant concentrate or spray, anything floral, brands such as The Pink Stuff, Zoflora, Astonish, Fabulosa or any Supermarket own brand
    • Black Bin Bags
  • We sell on SHPOCK to help raise funds for vet bills and buy food.  Please go to our SHPOCK page where you will find a variety of items to buy, which are mostly new or nearly new and all are reasonably priced.

    If you are decluttering or you just have something that you no longer require please remember to donate to us so that we can re-sell to raise much needed funds.  Thank you

  • We use old donated newspapers for litter trays since it’s much more economical than commercial cat litter and the cats love to have something to shred after they’re finished on the toilet.

    Please consider upcycling your old newspapers by donating them to us so we can keep costs down.

    However, we still require donations of commercial cat litter as it is used for our resident disabled cats.


  • We’ve had great success in the past with people having a money jar to put their spare change in, car boot sales or holding cake sales at work. Whatever it is, all efforts to help us raise funds are appreciated and we would love to help share your generous acts on our social media.

  • Visit and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages:

  • Ian Hemming is a local artist from Birmingham, if you would like him to do a painting of your favourite pet please contact him, his details are below.  If you do contact him please mention that you saw it on Freddie’s Felines as he will donate £5.00 from all commission’s he gets through us.  Some of his work is also shown below.

  • The Plant Shop is now closed until Spring 2024.

    You can still recycle your plant pots and trays by donating them to the shop, they can be dropped off at our Plant Shop at 2 Pennard Grove, Quinton, B32 2LW or at 30 Quinton Road West, Quinton B32 2QD.  This helps in keeping costs down for running the shop and also stops more plastic going into landfill.

  • Used daily for keeping things clean and hygienic, we are always running low on supplies of washing-up liquid, bleach, disinfectant, washing powder, black bin bags, kitchen rolls, baby wipes and cleaning crème, ie Cif or the Pink Stuff.

    Any donations can be dropped off at 30 Quinton Road West, Quinton, Birmingham B32 2QD.

  • Saturday 9 March 2024 – Spring Craft Fair, Weoley Castle Working Men’s Club, Barnes Hill, B29 5TY

    Sunday 14 July – Cuan Wildlife Rescue Open Day and Dog Show, Stretton Road, Much Wenlock, Shropshire TF13 6DD

    Saturday 30 November – Hagley Road Retirement Village Christmas Fayre, 322-336 Hagley Road, Birmingham B17 8BH


    We are looking for events to attend so if you are having a Table Top Sale, Car Boot Sale, Craft Fayre or know of any happening within the West Midlands area please let us know by sending us details via email.  At these events we run a tombola, sell cat related items and hand-made gifts including cat toys.  Many thanks

We are running very low on newspapers and are looking for donations, if you have any they can be dropped off at 30 Quinton Road West, Quinton, Birmingham B32 2QD❤️